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Setting up a vacation message in your
Temple University Exchange

E-Mail Account

To set up a vacation message in your Temple University Exchange e-mail account, perform the following steps:

1. Log in to the web site.  

2. On the upper-right portion of the screen, click Options and then Set Automatic Replies. Sample Screen

3. Under Automatic Replies, perform the following:

a) Click Send automatic replies.

b) Click Send replies only during this time period.

c) Select a start time and an end time.

d) Compose your message.


Sample Screen

4. If you wish to send your automatic reply only to people with an address, skip to step 5.

If you wish to send the automatic reply to people with an address as well people outside of Temple, make your selection:

a) Select Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization.

b) Select whether replies should only be sent to senders in your contacts list or to all senders.

c) Copy and paste the your reply message that you created or compose a separate message.

Sample Screen

5. Click Save in the bottom right corner.

Sample Screen
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