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The computer recycling center offers the following services:

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Surplus Removal

The Computer Recycling Center will remove surplus equipment from any campus location at no charge.


  • Be a Temple University department

  • An AcessNet account

  • Electronic equipment and materials owned by Temple University

How to request:

  1. Back up and remove university and proprietary data. The CRC will purge all data after receiving equipment.

  2. Log in and complete the surplus form. Include descriptions and serial numbers for large/significant items such as computers, monitors, printers, and scanners. Also include description and quantity of smaller items in notes section.

  3. Obtain the signature of your Department or Budget Unit Head, and fax the form to 1-5734.

  4. Disconnect and organize equipment.

  5. Wait up to seven days for the Computer Recycling Center to arrange pickup.

Costs and Fees:

Pick-up is free. The cost was already collected by the Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) which was included in the price of new equipment purchased through Computer Business Services. More information on fees.

New Purchase Recycle Fee

The Computer Recycling Center funds its operations by collecting a recycle fee on all computer equipment newly purchased by the university. This Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) is collected via a JET (7434) once the purchase order has been processed by Computer Business Services.

The new equipment purchase 'Recycle Fee' structure is:

Computer system (CPU and monitor)
iPad or similar device

Refurbished Recycle Fee

Equipment collected as 'surplus' from Temple University departments is available to the Temple University community for a nominal fee collected to cover the cost of processing and upgrades. Fees are listed next to the equipment while shopping in the Computer and Electronic Surplus Web store. Fees for personal requests will be collected via Diamond Dollars at the time of pickup. Departmental fees will be collected via an internal JET.

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to make certain that all devices containing data are secured until the CRC takes possession. Once the CRC takes possession all data will be erased with no expectation of recovery.

  • If you have concerns with data on your equipment please contact the Computer Recycling Center for further information.

  • The CRC will NOT be responsible for saving or re-using software licenses.

  • The Computer Recycling Center surpluses just about anything that plugs in or is related to what plugs in.

  • If you have specific questions please contact us.

Personal Equipment Request

Refurbished computers, monitors and peripherals are available to students, faculty and staff at a reduced rate.


  • Current Temple students, faculty, and staff with a valid AccessNet account. Temple University Health System employees and university guests are ineligible for this program.

  • Sufficient funds in diamond dollars account for transaction

How to request:

  1. Log into the webstore and place your order online. Once done, you will receive an email confirmation.

  2. When your order is ready for pickup, you will receive another e-mail notification. You must make an appointment to pick up your equipment within one week of being notified it is ready or your order will be canceled.

Please note:

  • This program is for personal use only. Abuse of this privilege by way of reselling or purchasing on another person's behalf will result in suspension of privileges.

  • All software licensing is the responsibility of the end user. No software CDs will be provided.

  • A limited version of a Windows OS or Mac OS will be installed to demonstrate hardware functionality of the computer you purchased.

  • You are limited to one order per semester. Each order is limited to one item from each of the following categories: computer, monitor, printer, scanner, other equipment. Resets occur Jan 1st, May 1st and Sept 1st of each year.

  • In most cases, the equipment will be tested and ready for pickup within two or three business days and should be picked up with within seven business days or your order will be canceled.

  • If you have specific questions please contact us.

Departmental Equipment Request

Refurbished computers, monitors and peripherals are available to Temple University departments at a reduced rate.


  • Be a Temple University department with a valid FOAP

  • Have an active Temple AccessNet username and Password.

  • Use the purchase for university-related functions.

  • Be a Temple employee who can obtain a Budget Unit Head signature.

  • Have funds available to pay for the order with a valid (FOAP) budget center. Computer Recycling will process the Journal Entry Transfer.

How to request:

  1. Log into the webstore and place your order online.

  2. Print the form, obtain the signature of your Department or Budget Unit Head.

  3. Fax the signed form to 1-5734.

  4. When your order is ready, the CRC will call you to schedule a time to deliver the equipment to your office location. Computer Recycling is not responsible for setting up the equipment.

Please Note for Technical Support:

To be eligible to connect to Temple's network and to receive support from the Help Desk on-site desktop support staff, departments must choose computers labeled with the word "Department" after the make and model. Computers that are labeled as "Department" come with a Computer Services' pre-approved software and hardware configuration. Windows 7 is our default department software OS load.

After you receive the equipment, you must submit a Help Desk request through the TUhelp website to have Computer Services set up the machine.

Non-Profit Equipment Request

Any school, community group, or non-profit looking for a donation of computer equipment from Temple University can request it by emailing The following information should be included:

  • Name, location, information about the requesting organization and proof of non-profit status

  • Name and contact information of the requester

  • Contact information for the person in charge of the organization

  • Intended use and targeted users

  • Number of and type of computer equipment requesting with minimal specs desired

  • A picture of the location where the computers will be placed

Please note:

  • Any equipment donated by the CRC will be sent with no software other than the original operating system.

  • Priority will be given to groups and organizations in the President's targeted area surrounding Temple University.

  • There are no public sales and there are no donations to individuals.

  • If you have specific questions please contact us.

Office Supply Swap

What it is:

TU Recycled Office Supplies is a pilot project designed to collect surplus office supplies and make them available to Temple University administrators, faculty and staff for free in an effort to green the University. Visit the TOSS website. Question please email:


We invite administrators, faculty and staff to come shop for free surplus office supplies every Wednesday


There are two ways to donate your surplus office supplies:

  • Send via the interoffice mail system by addressing the envelopes to CRC REUSE 286-03

  • Bring to TECH Center 301 on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 pm