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Purchase a Computer for University Business

Computer Business Services coordinates university activities related to the acquisition of computer hardware products and manages associated budgeting and negotiating.

Computer Business Services also provides advice about:

  • the best method to acquire a product
  • available alternatives
  • existing hardware programs

Finally, Computer Business Services determines if a product is a sole source and if a request must be put out to bid due to the size of purchase and available sources.

Who is entitled to this service?

  • Temple University employees authorized to make purchases

What are the limitations and restrictions related to this service?

  • Purchaser must be a Temple University employee with access to Banner Security and TUmarketplace.
  • Computer hardware must be for university use only. This service is not available for personal purchase or use.
  • Installation support is not provided.
  • All servers requiring Computer Services support must be reviewed by Computer Services prior to purchase.

How do I use this service?

To obtain price quotes based on your configuration requirements, submit a TUhelp request.

To order a product, submit a Purchase Requisition through TUmarketplace.

For additional help or a personal consultation, contact Computer Business Services at 215-204-6700 (1-6700) or

What are the requirements for using this service?

Any Temple University employee can request assistance with purchase requirements for university computers from Computer Business Services. The employee must have access to TUmarketplace to submit a Purchase Requisition for computer hardware/peripherals.

What is the time frame for fulfillment of service?

Requests for quotes are typically processed within one or two business days. Orders received by Computer Business Services through TUmarketplace are typically acknowledged within one business day. Order fulfillment is normally completed within three to five business days.


  • If Computer Business Services needs to send out your request for competitive bidding, the order could take seven additional business days to fulfill.

  • If you submit a request with a document that requires a signature, you will be notified that the relevant documentation must be sent to University Counsel for review. Since the review depends on University Counsel's schedule, additional time may be needed to complete your order.

When is this service available for use?

TUmarketplace is available 24 hours a day throughout the year except during periods of system, network, or electrical maintenance.

Assistance is available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What is the cost of this service?

There is no cost associated with customer service. However, a software fee and recycling fee are included in the cost of each computer system (CPU & monitor) and computer.

The $90.00 software fee covers the use of all Microsoft products provided through Temple's Microsoft Campus Agreement.

The recycling fee covers equipment pick up and disposal. The recycling fees are as follows:

  • Computer system (CPU & monitor): $50
  • Computer: $25
  • Monitor: $25
  • Laptop: $50
  • Printer: $10

How do I request this service?

To obtain price quotes based on your configuration requirements, submit a TUhelp request.

To purchase computer hardware, you have the following options:

  • Submit a Purchase Requisition for items available in TUmarketplace Punch-out Catalogs, for example, Apple, CDWG (Hewlett-Packard computers), Dell, ePlus, and GovConnection (Lenovo computers).

  • Submit a non-catalog request in TUmarketplace for items not included in the Punch-out Catalogs. The requisition will be routed to Computer Business Services for processing.

How do I obtain help with requesting this service?

What are the applicable policies or guidelines?


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