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Obtain an E-mail Account

All eligible members of the Temple community, including current employees, students, and registered alumni, receive an e-mail account upon joining the university.

Who is entitled to this service?

  • All currently registered Temple students
  • All incoming students who have been accepted and paid a deposit
  • All current Temple employees
  • Temple alumni
  • Professor Emeriti
  • Temple retirees
  • Authorized guests of the university who fulfill all of the following conditions:
    • not currently employed by the university
    • work in some capacity for the university
    • require electronic resources to conduct official university business

What are the limitations and restrictions related to this service?

  • E-mail accounts are closed automatically when:
    • a student fails to register for a semester
    • an employee is terminated
    • guest access date has expired
  • A user with more than one status, such as employee and student, will keep their e-mail account as long as they continue with the university under at least one status.
  • Maximum storage quotas:
    • TU Gmail–25 GB
    • Microsoft Exchange–10 GB
  • Maximum attachment size:
    • 30 MB

What are the applicable policies or guidelines?

How do I access my e-mail?

To access your e-mail, log in TUmail or TUportal with your AccessNet username and password. If you log in to TUportal, click TUmail to access your mail.

To check your e-mail using a supported e-mail client on a PC or a mobile device:

  • For TU Gmail, refer to the TU Gmail site.
  • For Exchange, contact the Help Desk at 215-204-8000 or through TUhelp.

What are the requirements for using this service?

  • AccessNet username and password
  • personal computer, smart phone, or other device with a browser or dedicated e-mail application
  • Internet access
  • Supported e-mail clients for TU Gmail and Exchange

When is this service available for use?

E-mail is available 24 hours a day throughout the year except during periods of system, network, or electrical maintenance. Note that requests for e-mail support are fulfilled during Help Desk business hours.

What is the cost of this service?

This service is provided at no charge.

How do I request this service?

Note: Upon eligibility, you must go to the Account Management website to activate your account.

Degree Seeking Students

If you are a new student, you will automatically receive a TU Gmail account after you pay your tuition deposit or Graduate Matriculation Fee.

Instructions for activating your account at are e-mailed to the e-mail address you indicated on your application to Temple. Note that you will need your nine-digit TUid to complete the process.

Non-Matriculated Students
After you have met with an advisor and registered for classes, your AccessNet account information and instructions for activating the account will be mailed to your home. If you did not receive this information, visit the Help Desk or other CS location for assistance.

Temple University offers two types of e-mail accounts for employees: TU Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. The type of e-mail is based on departmental preference, however, both types of accounts receive an e-mail address.

As an employee, you are eligible for e-mail one business day after you have been entered into the HR payroll system. By default, you will receive a TU Gmail account when your AccessNet account is created. If your hiring manager determines that you need a Microsoft Exchange account, he/she must submit a request to TUhelp that includes your AccessNet username. Computer Services will then create the Exchange account.

Note: Before submitting a request for a Microsoft Exchange account, the hiring manager must verify that you have activated your AccessNet account on the Account Management website.

Authorized guests of the university with a legitimate business need are eligible for a Temple e-mail account. To request an account, a sponsor must log in to TUportal, click Guest Access Request System, and submit a request. An account will be created within 48 hours.

As a Temple alumnus/a, you are eligible for a free AccessNet account through the Temple University Alumni Association, which includes a free email account. To learn more and create an account, refer to the TUmail for Alumni website.

Departmental Accounts
For business continuity purposes, some departments need a departmental e-mail address to:

  • manage high volume e-mail demands that a single person may not be able to handle
  • send e-mail from a department that is not associated with a particular person

An employee can request a departmental account by logging in to TUportal and clicking the Departmental Account Management link on the left.

How do I get help using or requesting this service?


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