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Multimedia Production Services for Instruction

The Instructional Support Center (ISC) provides multimedia and printing services to Temple faculty and instructors who are interested in incorporating technology into the teaching and learning process. In addition, the ISC offers audio and video conversion and duplication services that can augment teaching and presentations. Certified instructional designers and technology experts in the ISC are available to work with faculty and instructors in designing and enhancing courses with multimedia technology.

Who is entitled to this service?

Temple University faculty and instructors are entitled to use this service.

What are the limitations and restrictions related to this service?

The ISC does not:

  • support legacy formats such as super 8, hi 8, and mini disc
  • duplicate media without appropriate copyright approvals

What are the applicable policies/guidelines for this service?

Applicable policies include:

How does a customer use this service?

After completing the appropriate request form, the customer has an in-person consultation with a designated ISC support person.

What are the customer and/or technical requirements in order to use this service?

Depending on the complexity of the request, the customer may be required to be present during production to provide guidance and specifications to the consultant.

What is the time frame for fulfillment of service?

The turnaround time is five business days or more, depending upon the nature of the request.

When is this service available for use?

This service is available during normal Temple University business hours.

What is the cost of this service?

  • Poster Printing:
    • $50.00 without a color background
    • $75.00 with a color background
  • Audio/Video Conversion and Transfer:
    • $15 per audio/video source (two hour maximum) for straight duplication*
  • Audio/Video Duplication:
    • $4.00 per duplicate DVD
    • $1.50 per duplicate CD
  • *Audio/Video Editing:
    • $35.00 per hour. If editing is necessary in transferring audio or video, the processing time will incur an additional cost. This fee includes the media cost for a single copy. Additional copies on a CD or DVD are billed at the rates listed above. Please see the ISC consultant for information.

How does a customer request this service?

Temple faculty and instructors can request multimedia production services though the TUhelp website. Computer Services will contact requesters within four business days after a request has been submitted.

How do customers obtain help if they have questions about this service or experience problems with it?

Customers can submit questions about or report problems with this service through the TUhelp website.


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