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Frequently Asked Questions about Security Readers

When I swipe my card to get into a building, how long does the door stay unlocked?

The card reader will unlock the door for 5 seconds before requiring another swipe.

Who should be contacted if my ID, with building access privileges is lost or stolen?

Contact the Diamond Dollars Office at 204-3140 or Temple Police Department at 204-1234 after business hours and ask them to suspend your card on the Access Card system.

I know my card allows me access through one door on my building, but will it work on the other doors of my building also?

Yes, if you have been granted access to a building then you will be able to use your card for access to all of the doors on that building as long as they have access card readers attached to the door and your Building Access Request Form was correctly completed and submitted to Application Development and Support Services.

Who should I notify when a person should no longer have card access to a building(s)?

You will need to complete the Building Access Request Form and send it to Application Development and Support Services or Contact Temple Police at 204-1234 if they need to be removed immediately. Building access privileges are automatically revoked by the system the after Human Resources terminates the employee.

Why couldn't I get access to the building last weekend?

The Access Card readers will keep the building doors unlocked only during the "Normal Hours", for example 6:30am to 11:00pm for most classroom buildings. No one will be able to enter the building without the use of an authorized Access Card during all other times. This means that your building coordinator or department head will need to notify Application Development and Support Services using a Building Access Request Form for anyone requiring access to the buildings "after hours" including anytime on weekends.

Who should be contacted when a card reader is not functioning properly?

During the day contact Application Development and Support Services. If you notice this after normal business hours, contact Temple Police at 204-1234. They will post an officer at the door, if needed. It would be beneficial if you are ready to explain exactly what errors occurred and/or an ID number of the person(s) with problems for troubleshooting purposes.

There is a group of students coming into my building next weekend for a workshop. How can I make sure they can get into the building?

You have two options:
1. Complete a Building Access Form and forward it to Administrative Computer Services. You will need to note the ID#, Name, Building, day and time frame that the students will need access with their ID card.
2. Contact Temple Police and arrange to have a guard posted at the door the students will be using for access. Temple Police will allow the door to be unlocked during the time frame you specified and then put the door back under ID card access control at the end of the event.

My card reader has a PIN pad on it. Should I be using a PIN number with my card swipe?

For most buildings, you will only need your ID card for building access. Only the Student Center requires a PIN and a card swipe at this time.


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