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OWL Card System Overview




Since 1996, Temple University and Temple University Health System have used a "One Card” system known as the OWLcard system that acts as the primary means of identification for all faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University. A credit card size ID card is used throughout Temple for privileged functions such as: security access, meal plans, computer lab printing, debit/credit accounts, vending and laundry services via Blackboard’s Transaction System – Unix Edition.

Card readers are used to verify the cardholder's ID number that is stored on the magnetic stripe of the ID card. There are approximately 900 active card readers located on seven Temple campuses utilizing security, activity, vending, laundry, copier, computer lab printing and point of sale readers. Card readers are located at the main campus, Ambler, Tyler, Health Science Center and Center City.

There are 17 Datacard ID card stations located on all campuses that are used to produce the ID cards.

The OWLcard server is located on the main campus and uses the UNIX operating system.

An interface from the University’s Banner system and the Health System’s Peoplesoft HR system is processed hourly and keeps cardholder information current.  The interface also includes financial transactions originating from the student and employee systems, including Diamond Dollars and Transitchek deposits and withdrawals.

The Diamond Dollars website ( allows cardholders to make deposits to their Diamond Dollars account and review transaction history from the OWLcard system.

An interface from the Residential Management System updates the OWLcard system with student resident information, including meal plans and residence hall access.

Questions regarding the OWLcard system can be directed to Jeff Bazin ( at 215-204-5536 or Joe Smallberger ( at 215-204-1129.

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