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Building Access Information

The Access Card system is used to control access to many Temple buildings. Card readers are installed at building entrances and some interior doors. An authorized cardholder can unlock a door by swiping their Temple ID card through the card reader. The card readers are controlled by the Access Card server and building access privileges are assigned using the Access Card system software.

Student and employee access procedures are described below.

Employee Building Access Procedures

Employee(s) completes the Building Access Request form located on the Application Development and Support Services (ACS) Forms Portal. The department head must sign the form.
Form is faxed to ACS and reviewed. New time schedule is added to the building if needed.
ACS assigns the access privilege and the form is faxed back to the requester when completed.
The form is also faxed to Temple Police to notify them of the access request.
Student Residence Hall Access Procedures
The following automated daily process is used to assign access to students.
  Student pays a housing deposit and is added to the housing information system (RMS)
  Housing office assigns the student to a room in the RMS (Housing) system.
  Daily interface adds room assignment from RMS to the Access Card system.
ACS revokes all privileges at the end of the semester using an automated batch process.
Procedure to Purchase and Install of New Card Readers.
Requester contacts ACS or Facilities Management to specify their needs.
Requestor submits a Facilities Management service request to provide a site survey for power, door hardware and mounting needs for the security reader.
ACS obtains a price quote from Blackboard and forwards to the requestor or Facilities.
Requestor submits a Telecom service request for the network connection. ACS assists and determines the correct loop and address for the reader connection. Network connection cannot be completed until the reader is installed by facilities, however, a request for telecom should be submitted as soon as possible.
Requestor or Facilities submits a purchase order to Blackboard.
ACS or Facilities receives readers from Blackboard and contacts installer.
ACS configures reader in the Access Card system by working with requester to identify door access requirements and identification of card users and access plans for the reader.
Once Telecom completes the network connection to the reader, ACS notifies requester when the reader is available for use. Keys can still be used for access when the card reader goes into service.
Things you should know about the card readers
All card readers will unlock the door for 5 seconds or until the door is opened, whichever comes first, before a card needs to be swiped again.
Temple Police are available at 1-1234 to suspend lost cards after the Diamond Dollars Office is closed.
  In the event of a card reader malfunctioning, contact Temple Police for them to investigate and notify the proper people for repairs.
  Cardholders that can access buildings after normal hours are assigned an access privilege and plan by Administrative Computer Services (ACS). If you require different hours for access, ACS can create additional access plans to match your needs.
  Most exterior handicap door entrances require a card swipe to activate the door. Please note that some doors have a motion sensor above the door to prevent the door from hitting you when it opens. An example of this can be found on Wachman Hall Beasley Walk entrance. Please stand to the side of the door when swiping your card at doors with sensors.
  PIN pad use is only in operation at the Student Activity Center where a PIN and swipe is required after hours. All other buildings require a card swipe only.
  Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for Security Readers document for more information.


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