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Accessing Temple's
Technology Resources

I.  Introduction
II.  Obtaining your AccessNet Account
III.  Using Temple's system resources
           A.  Using TUportal
                     1. Using TUmail
                     2. Using Blackboard
                     3. Using OWLnet
                     4. Using MyBackpack
                     5. Using Diamond Dollars
                     6. Accessing Library Databases
                     7. Updating the Cherry & White Pages
                     8. Accessing MyHousing
                     9. Accessing Tools for Employees
           B.  Using Temple's central systems
V.  Forgot your AccessNet username or TUsecure password?
VI.  Changing your TUsecure password
VII.  Getting Help

I.  Introduction

Temple's technology resources include TUportal (TUmail, Blackboard, OWLnet, MyBackpack, Diamond Dollars, TUlibrary, the Cherry & White Pages update page, and MyHousing), and Temple's central systems. Details about these resources are included below.

II.  Obtaining an AccessNet account

To access Temple's technology resources, you will use your AccessNet username and TUsecure password.

For information on obtaining an AccessNet account, see the Obtaining an AccessNet Account page.

To learn more about your TUsecure password, see the TUsecure web site.

III.  Using Temple's system resources

A.  Using TUportal

With your AccessNet username and TUsecure password, you can gain entry to TUportal which offers a single sign-on gateway to some of Temple's most popular online services. These services, described below, include TUmail, Blackboard, OWLnet, MyBackpack, Diamond Dollars, Self-Service Banner, TUlibrary, Update Cherry & White, and MyHousing.

You can access TUportal at:


Note:  It is very important that you always log out and quit the web browser when you finish using the TUportal web site. This will prevent others from accessing your personal information and e-mail.

1.  TUmail

Once you have an AccessNet username and TUsecure password, you can use TUmail for sending and receiving your @temple.edu e-mail. Your e-mail address is your AccessNet username@temple.edu, such as tua00000@temple.edu. For more information about Temple e-mail, see the following pages: Obtaining an E-Mail Account, TU Gmail, or Microsoft Exchange.

You also have the option to customize your e-mail address. For example, if your AccessNet account is tua00000 and your name is John Doe, you can create an e-mail address of johndoe@temple.edu, provided this address is not currently in use. To find out how to create aliases and to also update your TUmail From address, go to: http://www.temple.edu/cs/tumail/aliases.html.

In addition to accessing your Temple e-mail through TUportal, you can also manage your Temple e-mail through the TUmail web site at:


2.  Blackboard

You can use your AccessNet username and TUsecure password to access Blackboard, a system that allows you and your professors to share course materials and participate in online discussion groups. Information for faculty on using Blackboard is available on the Instructional Support Center web site. 

3.  OWLnet

OWLnet enables you to view your financial aid application status and awards for 2010-2011.The system will be phased out by Fall 2011 and replaced by Self-Service Banner within TUportal.

4. MyBackpack

MyBackpack enables you to store and manage files and publish web pages. This resource provides an alternative to storing files on CDs or flash drives. With MyBackpack, you can also easily share files with Temple students, faculty, and staff.

5. Diamond Dollars

Diamond Dollars provides an alternative to carrying cash. Simply deposit funds into your Diamond Dollars account, then use your University ID throughout campus to make purchases. If you have any questions about this resource, see the Diamond Dollars web site.

6.  Library Databases

Temple's library research databases and certain library resources are restricted to members of the Temple community. To access these resources from off-campus, click on the TULibrary tab. Then, when prompted, reenter your TUsecure password. The Temple University Libraries web site will then appear. Follow the appropriate links for finding articles via the databases.

7.  Updating the Cherry & White Pages

You can also use your AccessNet username and TUsecure password to update your entry in the Cherry & White Pages, Temple's online directory. The directory lists contact information, such as phone numbers, office locations, and e-mail addresses of faculty and staff. Students also have the option of being listed by logging in and making their entry public.

8. MyHousing

Myhousing provides real-time access to housing applications and booking records. Use MyHousing to complete and print housing forms and view application status, room assignment, meal plan bookings, and emergency contact information. Once your room assignment is displayed, you can click on Telephone and Internet to apply for telephone service. After your request has been processed, you can obtain your telephone number and Personal Billing Number (PBN).

9. Tools for Employees

TUportal offers employees a single sign-on gateway to multiple administrative applications and systems. By clicking on the Staff Tools tab, employees can access and complete interactive forms online; view current leave balances and pay stubs; change personal work information, such as address and phone number; review benefits information; and more. For authorized users, there is access to Official University Class Lists, Banner, Cognos finance reports, TUmarketplace, Workflow, and more.

B.  Using Temple's central systems

Your AccessNet username and password gives you access to the Astro Linux system which you can use to work on programming assignments and host web pages.

To log in to Astro:

1.  Access a Secure Shell (SSH) program and connect to Astro.

2.  At the system login prompt, type your AccessNet username.

3.  Next, at the password prompt, type your TUsecure password.

Temple also has a Linux system called Euler, used exclusively for research and statistical processing. If you need a Euler account for your research, please contact the Help Desk.

V.  Forgot your AccessNet username or TUsecure password?

If you forgot your AccessNet username or TUsecure password, you can look them up on the Account Management web site.  

If you need assistance, please can call the Help Desk at 215-204-8000. You can also visit the Help Desk in The TECH Center, Room 106, 12th Street and Montgomery Ave.

VI.  Changing your TUsecure password

If you wish, you can change your TUsecure password at any time by going to the the Accounts Management web site.

VII.  Getting Help

For help with computer-related questions, visit the Help Desk in The TECH Center, Room 106, 12th St. & Montgomery Ave. You may also call at 215-204-8000, send e-mail to help@temple.edu, or request help through the tuhelp.temple.edu web site. Hours are listed on the Help Desk web site.

You may also send your questions via e-mail to help@temple.edu and a consultant will reply to your message within one business day.



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