The Department of Critical Languages offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean. Students enroll in these courses for a variety of reasons, which include career goals, personal interest, preparation for study abroad, and the desire to fulfill certain university and college program requirements. Successful completion of Critical Languages courses can satisfy the international studies core requirement as well as the language requirements of majors ranging from Asian Studies to International Business.

The Departmental of Critical Languages
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Barbara Thornbury barbara.thornbury@temple.edu 336 Anderson Hall
Arabic: Alexa Firat alexa.firat@temple.edu 333 Anderson Hall
Arabic: Gordon Witty gwitty@temple.edu 340 Anderson Hall
Chinese: Haidong LIu haidong.liu@temple.edu 346 Anderson Hall
Chinese: Shuchen Susan Huang Shuchen.Susan.Huang@temple.edu 334 Anderson Hall
Chinese: Louis Mangione louis.mangione@temple.edu 347 Anderson Hall
Chinese: Yun Zhu yun.zhu@temple.edu 351 Anderson Hall
Hebrew: Ayala Guy ayala.guy@temple.edu 813 Anderson Hall
Hebrew: Hanoch Guy hanoch.guy@temple.edu 813 Anderson Hall
Hebrew: Ilana Margolis ilana.margolis@temple.edu 346 Anderson Hall
Hindi: Milind Ranade milind.ranade@temple.edu 813 Anderson Hall
Japanese: Barbara Thornbury barbara.thornbury@temple.edu 336 Anderson Hall
Japanese: Reiko Yoshida Reiko.Yoshida@temple.edu 339 Anderson Hall
Japanese: Takamasa Nagai takamasa.nagai@temple.edu 339 Anderson Hall
Japanese: Yukari Fujiwara yukari.fujiwara@temple.edu 338 Anderson Hall
Korean: Katie Lee Moon katie.lee.moon@temple.edu 344 Anderson Hall
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