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Silicon Gallery opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA in November 1994 and is devoted to works of art created on computers. They show a wide variety of art including jewelry, sculpture , multimedia, installations, music and video.

This serves as a web based search site for the arts.

This is a non-profit volunteer venture of a group of metalsmiths and organizations which aims to disseminate information about various aspects of artistic metalworking and to provide a forum for artists and art lovers to experience this outstanding medium.

Art Metal Gallery

This is a non-profit art and education organization. Art metalwork, contemporary and traditional, is our focus. Galleries of artistic metalwork, educational offerings, excerpts from our publications and metalworking resources are found here. Our members, who include men and women metalsmiths from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan share a common interest in the preservation and growth of the blacks smith craft. From our international conferences to our chapter "hammer-ins" ABANA is a vibrant and growing source of education and inspiration for metalsmiths of all ages. Whether you seek a chance to take a class, offer expertise, find a blacksmith event or join us in this craft you will find a wide range of regularly updated information and graphics here.