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Date of Birth: 1922

Place of Birth: New York, New York


  • Currently teaching at:
  • Taught at: Rhode Island School of Design from 1963 to 1980
  • Taught at: School for American Craftsmen/Rochester Institute of Technology from 1948 to 1954
  • Taught at: School of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston from 1960 to 1962
  • Taught at: University of Southern California in the summer of 1962


    Type: Apprenticed for five years
    Location: Denmark
    Instructor: Silversmith Evald Nielson
    Years: 1937 to 1942

    Type: Master's Status
    Location: Copenhagen Technical College
    Years: 1943

    Type: Honoral Doctorate
    Location: Rhode Island School of Design
    Years: 1989


    Type: Designer/Craftsman
    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Years: 1945 to 1948

    Type: Opened up Shop One with Ronald Pearson, Tage Frid (wood) and Franz Wildenhain (ceramics). Shop One was a retail outlet for their work and that of other selected craftsmen.
    Years: 1952 to 1975

    Type: Design Consultant
    Location: Hickock Corporation
    Location: Rochester
    Years: 1954 to 1956

    Type: Design Consultant
    Location: Metals Arts Company
    Location: Rochester
    Years: 1955 to 1957

    Type: Worked for Reed and Barton Designs. Craftsmen in residence.
    Years: 1957 to 1960

    Type: Worked for Reed and Barton Designs as a Design Consultant.
    Years: 1960 to 1970

    Students of John Prip whom he feels were major contributors to the field of Jewelry/Metalsmithing but have not taught on a college level: