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Curtis LaFollette

Curtis LaFollette was intrigued with the arts while growing up. He was urged to pursue an education in the sciences by his parents and school councilors. LaFollette studied physics as an undergraduate student. At about that time the atomic bomb was a big social issue. Many people, including LaFollette, were strongly opposed to the creation and use of the atomic bomb. Finding it politically unacceptable, LaFollette ceased his study in physics. While he was at University of Kansas, LaFollette was required to take an art course. The only art course available to LaFollette was a jewelry course. Since that first class, he was captivated with metal. LaFollete was able to express his ideas more easily in three dimensions. Lafollette earned his B.F.A. Degree from University of Kansas at Lawrence and his M.F.A Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. After graduation he set up his studio in the neighboring town, Birmingham. During this time he also worked as Production Designer at Hugh Acton Furniture in Birmingham. He later worked as an Associate Designer at Shaker Workshop in Concord, Massachusetts. LaFollette was the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endownmnet for the Arts in 1980.