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Klaus Kallenberger

Professor Kallenberger was exposed to silversmithing and jewelry throughout his childhood. He grew up in Hanau, Germany which was then considered the jewelry capital of Germany. In addition to this environment, his family knew several goldsmiths. Kallenberger's first experience making jewelry was as a teen. He was always interested in art. Kallenberger sought his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. He majored in Creative Arts that included an introductory jewelry course. One of Kallenberger's professors at Bethany greatly inspired him and even considers this professor his hero. From there, Kallenberger decided to acquire his Master of Fine Art degree in jewelry and silversmithing at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. Early influences on Kallenberger's work came from the work by Georg Jensen Co. Kallenberger spent may years establishing himself as a practicing craftsman in his region, mostly through participation in crafts shows. Now the majority of his work is commissioned, mostly wedding rings and maces for ceremonies. Kallenberger's joy in life is designing all sorts of things: jewelry, tea pots, chains, and hollowware. In all, Professor Kallenberger sees himself as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, and cheer-leader to his students.