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portrait of Fisher
Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Alan C. Fisher

Allan C. Fisher always had an interest in the qualities of metals. His favorite metals are brass, copper and bronze due to their warm color. Fisher is a sculptor. He casts metal sculptures and is continuously intrigued with the surface of polished metal: the reflections of light and textures. Fisher uses wax or clay to model his pieces before they are cast. He was introduced to metals in junior high school. He took a course in the metals shop. Fisher's first formal course in jewelry was at Tyler School of Art, Temple University under Stanley Lechtzin. Lechtzin was an inspiring figure in Fisher's education. Lechtzin exposed the potential beauty of metal to Fisher. Fisher also learned from Lechtzin that functional pieces could be clean, simple and beautiful. Roger Anliker was another influential figure in Fisher's career. Anliker was a perfectionist and a technically demanding craftsman who embodied a great deal of patience; he taught Fisher to "see". Many teachers throughout Fisher's educational and professional experience have tremendously influenced him. These individuals include his elementary art teacher who introduced him to books on Picasso through Roger Anliker, a college professor.

Fisher's life is full of experiences that led him to a career as a sculptor. Differences with his father prevented him from attending Tyler School of Art at one point in his education. Determined, Fisher worked three jobs to pay for tuition and supplies. He was then drafted two weeks after his wedding. The Navy was like captivity for Fisher, particularly after receiving orders to go to Vietnam. He served for four years. After the Navy, Fisher enrolled in Georgia State University. There he worked full time, went to school full time and maintained a family. After several ups and downs in Fisher's life he met and married his wife, Eve. Fisher completely transformed. He worked as a graphic designer, art director, salesman and a designer.

Teaching was something Fisher knew he wanted to do since childhood. He quit his full-time job and was accepted into graduate school at Radfod University, Radford, Virginia. He taught drawing, sculpture and painting at community art centers. He held a Graduate Technical Assistantship while a graduate student at Radford. Fisher earned his M.F.A. Degree in three dimensional design and sculpture in 1990. He then secured a teaching position at Dakota State University that year. Fisher has been teaching at DSU since. Fisher states,

"Great teachers are those rare individuals who are inspired by an 'inner calling'. The inspired teacher is ignited by passion for his subject. The ignited teacher is devoted to a life-long quest for understanding and internalizing the subject. The devoted teacher becomes his subject. The transformed teacher becomes a master. The master teacher is compassionate and truely cares about bringing out the potential of each and every student. The great teacher radiates energy, acting as a catalyst with one goal in mind: to motivate, stimulate, and inspire the student."