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Portrait of Chuck Evans
Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Chuck Evans

Chuck Evans has always been interested in all forms of art. He had very little formal training in art until college. Some of his first memories of metalsmithing was of his father working with metal. The first real spark was at about the age of ten when he watched a car fender being repaired. A man was hammering out the dents by hand, filed the surface until it was smooth and then carefully leaded in the low spots. That day Evans went home and started banging on metal. His formal introduction happened later in his education through a few artists in Rochester, New York in 1967-68.

Evans was inspired by the work of Ron Pearson and other metalsmiths that showed their work in Shop One in Rochester, New York. He saw this work a year or two before he enrolled at School for American Craftsman, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester New York. Evans was particularly influenced by his professors, Hans Christensen and Albert Paley. They inspired him to work hard and gave him input about his work, career and life. Being at Rochester Institute of Technology also exposed Evans to many lecturers, workshops, exhibitions and was urged to show his work in galleries. Overall, Evans believes he was at R.I.T. at a good time. Many exciting events occurred during his time at R.I.T.

Regarding his teaching, Evans tries to provide his students with a good work environment that is comfortable, informal and well equipped. Evans gives his student as much open studio time as possible; he even executes most of his work in the same studio that his students use. He encourages his students to participate in art activities in the school and community and encourages them to keep school s their main focus. Support and respect for his students are also important to Evans. He always tries to remember his experiences as a student which has been of great help.

Evans is the author of Jewelry: Contemporary Design and Technique, published by Davis Publications in 1983. He has exhibited extensively throughout the nation and abroad. His work is represented in several major collections worldwide and has received numerous honors and awards. Evans also has conducted many lectures and workshops for conferences and universities. Evans's work may be viewed in several publications and periodicals including Craft Horizons, Goldsmiths Journal and Metalsmith Magazine.