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portrait of Drutt

Helen Drutt

Since 1964, Helen Drutt has been fascinated with contemporary craft. She began to collect and wear contemporary pieces. Drutt continued to do so for the love of the objects and to promote modern craft. Helen Drutt has become a resource to scholars and institutions worldwide. The Helen Drutt Gallery, of which she is founder and director since 1974, was one of the first galleries in the nation to commit to the crafts. She is the executive director and founding member of the Philadelphia Council of Professional Craftsmen. Drutt also developed the first college level course on the history of modern craft in 1973. Drutt is acknowledged for introducing American craft internationally and for bringing European and Australian craftwork to Philadelphia. She has collected over three hundred works over the past thirty years. This collection is representative of the last three decades of the crafts. The Helen Drutt Collection of jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry: 1964 - 1994, has been exhibited throughout the world. Helen Drutt has lectured internationally and has been honored for her endeavors. She was appointed a Cultural Ambassador for the City of Philadelphia by the Office of Arts and Culture in 1965. In this role, she is better able to continue her role of excellence in the promotion and support of modern craft.