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Lynn Duggan

Duggan switched from being a painting major to metalsmithing major in her junior year of college. Since then Duggan remained primarily interested in sculptural expression in jewelry, metals, wood and mixed media. Duggan was first introduced to metals at Purdue University where she took her first metalsmithing course as an elective. After one semester Duggan was hooked. Gene and Hiroko Piganowski introduced Duggan to jewelry and metalsmithing. They influenced her lasting interest in rich surfaces, exposed her to slides and visiting artists, encouraged her to go on trips and take workshops, and provided her with a role model for a dual artist collaborative relationship. Heikki Seppa introduced her to shell forming and increased her technical vocabulary. Other artistic influences are Nancy Graves, Judy Chicago and Fred Woell.

All of Duggan's experiences find a way into her work. She is an avid museum visitor and has traveled throughout the United States and Europe. She finds her travels to be very enriching. Courses taken at Washington University and Purdue in African and oceanic art greatly influenced her work. Duggan finds that teaching at a small liberal arts college has exposed her further to interdisciplinary research and thinking. Duggan's teaching and participation in women's studies have supported her self development and thematic development in her work.

Duggan notes a few important life experiences that have influenced her professionally; 1978, being hired as jewelry/metalsmithing instructor at Nazareth College; 1979, marrying fellow graduate student at Washington University, Fred Shroyer; 1990, bearing and raising three children; and in 1995 receiving Nazareth College's Excellence in Teaching award.