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John M. Church

John M. Church always had an interest in metals. He was introduced to jewelry making in the 8th grade. His art teacher, Charles A. Breed studied with Robert Von Neumann. Church considers Breed, among others, to be of particular influence. Robert Engstrom, a professor at Western Michigan University, influenced Church through his teaching and background, working methods and his life style. Richard Thomas, Church's graduate school professor from Cranbrook Academy of Art, touched him through his teaching and simply as a person. Church also admires Brancusi's cleanliness of style. Church studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Michigan for two years. There he worked unencumbered, an educational experience he highly values. Teaching advanced high school student at the Interlochen Arts Academy has been a source of unending inspiration for Church. Their ability and vision have continually astonished him. He also enjoys watching them learn and appreciate the plasticity of the medium. Church observed, although these students are in high school that given time, facilities, guidance and encouragement the results of their efforts are impressive. Church

"provides his students with the opportunity, facilities and guidance to explore their potential with the medium and themselves. The benefits being long-lasting and far-reaching, perhaps for the field, definitely for the person."