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Arthur Vierthaler

Vierthaler took art classes at the Chicago Institute of Art at the age of fourteen. He mainly worked in design, drawing and painting. During his undergraduate education at Milwaukee State Teachers College he apprenticed at a jewelry manufacturing plant. Vierthaler took this job as a way to meet his tuition and living expenses. Metals was also one of the regular courses as an art major. Vierthaler's work at the time dealt more with imagery and over-simplification of form as opposed to the more traditional approaches to jewelry of the time. In 1940 he started to teach art in Madison Public Schools. He also took evening courses at the vocational school in sculpture and metal. Vierthaler developed his convictions of metalworking as an artform while taking these courses.

After serving in World War II, Vierthaler was approached to teach metal, design and drawing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He had many G.I.'s in his classes. They appeared to be very excited and eager to learn after years of living a regimented life of military service. Vierthaler always tried to instill in his students the will to succeed through hard work, technically and creatively, and to gain personal satisfaction from their work.

Vierthaler exhibited consistently in competitive and invitational shows nationally and internationally. He also received numerous awards with pieces that were acquired for permanent collections in museums and over six hundred private collections. Arthur Vierthaler passed away on August 1, 1993 at the age of 76.