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Romona Solberg

Solberg grew up in Seattle, Washington. Her first jewelry course was taught by Ruth Pennington. She recalled Pennington as being a challenging teacher. However, this did not deter Solberg from continuing her education metals. After schooling, Pennington served in the Army for five years. She wanted to see the world, the Army made this possible for her. She returned to Seattle and continued her education which was possible through aid from the GI Bill.

Solberg taught in several public schools in Seattle after graduation from 1951 to 1956. Her first teaching position in a college setting as at Central Washington University in 1956. She taught there until 1967. Solberg's second teaching position was at the University of Washington.

Traveling remained an important part of Solberg's life. She has traveled to Turkey, Afganistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Guatamala,  Antarctica and India. Solberg makes jewelry for everyday living and will continue to do so for as long as she can.