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Camille Rendal

Rendal was not always interested in jewelry and metalsmithing. She started her early years as a two-dimensional artist -- drawing and painting. Rendal has always been committed to being an artist. For Rendal, it was decided in the second grade that she was going to be an artist and was encouraged at that young age by her parents to pursue the arts. She became interested in metals in the late 1980's; it was her first real desire to work in three dimensions.

In 1975 Rendal took her first metals course at San Jose State University. She was very intrigued with metal, but it was not until 1990 that she really became interested in metals. Rendal continued her education in jewelry and took classes at Santa Monica Community College. Tina Chambers was Rendal's mentor and teacher there. Chambers really encouraged and inspired Rendal to pursue metals. She petitioned Rendal for her acceptance into their mentor program(an advanced study in metals). Julia Barello at New Mexico State University was another influence to Rendal. Barello was Rendal's instructor for her Master of Fine Art degree in metals.

Rendal has exhibited widely since 1981 and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Rendal's work is represented in various permanent collections in America and Japan.