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portrait of Marshall

John Marshall

Marshall was born on February 25, 1936 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After he graduated from high school he spent three years with the 82nd Airborne Division and then served in the 11th Division. Most of his time in service was spent in Germany. His early interests in art were encouraged by a high school teacher and by Saturday Workshop programs at Carnegie Museum. This program stressed the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Marshall displayed an early aptitude for sports that later led him to play baseball and football on a professional level. This occupied a lot of time during his military service. Marshall did some construction work while he was on release from the Armed Forces and then attended Grove City College. His interest in art steered him toward enrollment in evening art classes studying drawing and painting at Carnegie Institute of Technology. He eventually enrolled as a full-time student under the GI Bill at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1960.

Upon graduation he became an instructor at Syracuse University. Marshall's interests in metal developed under a group of distinguished metalsmiths at the Cleveland Institute of Art (Fred Miller, John Paul Miller, Kenneth Bates). While teaching at Syracuse, Marshall found himself in a unique situation. He was able to earn his M.F.A. Degree while teaching at the university. He received his degree in 1967. Marshall went on to teach at University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.