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portrait of Bennet

Jamie Bennett

Bennett did not consider teaching on the college level until one or two semesters before completing his M.F.A. Degree. There were a few openings on the college level. Bennett applied for them and received a position teaching metals at University of Bradley, Prioria, Illinois. He remained at that job for one year and was then off to teach at the Memphis Art Academy in Memphis, Tennessee from 1976 through 1979. After moving around so much, Bennett decided he wanted to return to the east coast. In 1979 he accepted a teaching position at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout all of these moves, Bennett noticed how his environment influenced his work. Geographical location influenced his choice of color, imagery and subject matter.

Most of Bennett's pieces are brooches. His earlier work is more frontal and two dimensional, inherent properties of enameling. It was also more graphic in design. He began to enamel on cast forms that were more organic in form and later he enameled on electroforms. With the electroforms Bennett is able to easily achieve more three dimensional forms and textures. These electroforms no longer needed a "frame" or bezel to affix the enamel to the brooch mechanism.

In addition to his jewelry, Bennett also paints. He works in tandem on his jewelry and painting; as they often influence one another.