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portrait of Lewis

Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Marcia Lewis

Lewis was always interested in making objects as opposed to drawing or painting. Any media would suffice for making something. As a "Navy Brat", her family moved every two years during her childhood. Lewis' mother managed to find art lessons for her and scout packs for her brother. Beyond making objects, Lewis never liked playing house or dolls. She liked playing school and was always the teacher. These have remained her professional interests.

Lewis' first introduction to metals was during her sophomore year of college at San Diego State University. She took a jewelry course as an elective studio class. Since then she has dedicated her professional career to the metalsmithing field. Until recently the most profound influential experiences for Lewis have been the opportunities she has to meet people and experience their work through her profession as an arts educator. She enjoys hearing others speak about their work.

Lewis found her niche with the chasing technique. It allows her to create light-weight, hollow jewelry forms using a somewhat subtractive process. Chasing is one of the oldest methods of manipulating metal. Because of a renewed interest in this technique she produced a book entitled, Chasing: Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications.

Lewis is the recipient of numerous awards and grants. Her work is represented in permanent collections across the country. She is a distinguished member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths since 1973. Lewis is published in national and international publications.