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Learn more about our distinguished faculty through detailed resumes, statements & essays, and examples of their work.

  • Academic Metalsmith Listserve: ACMET-L serves as an open forum for those concerned about the state of "academic metalsmithing." Topics range from craft/art theory to course syllabi. Participants are independent smiths, professionals, college and university faculty and their students. Some programs take part in the discussion as an extension of their seminar courses.
  • Academic Metalsmith History Project: History of the metals discipline researched by Lori Kraus, Jessica Moran, and Andrew Czapka
  • Tyler M/J/C-C Graduate Applicants FAQ's: Frequently asked questions by applicants
  • Tyler M/J/C-C Online CAD/CAM I:  This online course is based on the use of Rhinocerous 3-D NURBS modeling software for the Windows operating system. It is directed to  jewelers, product designers and sculptors who wish to create solids models and tangible objects via STL file export to rapid prototyping systems.  

Here we offer links to useful information and tools for getting the most out of the net and links to other Craft/Art/CAD-CAM/RPT** sites and resources.

  • Craft/Art Points of Interest
  • Related Newsgroups/Mailing Lists
  • Technical Resources
  • *CAD-CAM
    Computer Aided Design - Computer Aided Manufacture.
    Rapid Prototyping Technology, or Auto-Fab(rication), or Desktop Manufacturing, or Federation Replicators (well, not really), or SFF (Solid Free Form Fabrication/Manufacturing), call it what you will.

    *Tyler M/J/C-C Definitions
    Virtual - An object created in 3-D computer space, which is meant to exist and can only exist in the digital environment.
    Actual - A complete 3-D object, created in computer space, that currently exists in digital form,  
    which if  processed via computer controlled fabrication, will result in a physical object.
    Tangible - An actual that now has a physical existence.

  • M/J/C-C Area Gallery : group photos of metals seminar, and links to M.F.A. galleries.
  • See the work of current M/J/C-C undergraduates and graduates in our CAD-CAM and HANDWORK galleries.
  • I/O EXPLORATIONS, Computer Generated Jewelry : An exhibition of work by Stanley Lechtzin, his Students, and Alumni/ae of Tyler School of Art, Temple University at the invitation of the Cedar Crest College Art Department, March 18 - April 9, 2000.