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          The growth of technology has caused changes in society. Businesses, industry, education, have all undergone transformations. The arts are not an exception. My interest in this societal trend naturally led me to a desire to study in the Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM program here at Tyler.

          My work is an expression of this technology. Most of my works are 'virtual'; that is, they only exist in virtual space. The most fascinating aspect of producing virtuals is freedom. The understanding of materials and functions from my background of producing metal objects at the bench helps me to create virtual objects. On the other hand, the recent development of RPT (Rapid Prototyping Technology) suggests the possibility of giving shape in tangible form to some of my CAD works. I will continue to explore the potential of RP.

          In addition to this technical side I also acquired insights into teaching through my participation in the seminar classes. I believe that both aspects helped me to develop as an educator and an artist as well.

          In the future, I would like to continuously pursue research and the creation of work in the digital environment. Now I understand that many people in the academic field are interested in CAD-CAM/RP and furthermore they are about to start offering these programs at colleges in my country, Korea. I very much hope that I can introduce what I have learned here and give direction to following generations who are eager to pursue this field.


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