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There is an artificial grace in the movements of man made mechanisms. Within common objects are actions and mechanisms that allow the object to function without the slightest thought of its operator. It is my goal to force the  wearer of my work to see why it does what it does. I am forcing them to confront my own experience,  with that moment of realization.

With the initial concept of a piece of jewelry, the interaction between the object, and the wearer is the most crucial aspect. This interaction, or lack thereof, is my defining view of the success or failure of the work.  Simply wearing the work is not enough, the wearer must become entirely involved and cognizant of the forces associated with the construction of the work; be it simply motion, magnetism, or the potential energy of compressed or stretched materials.

My goal is to not only combine such forces to create a work of art that carries the same function as traditional jewelry, but to enable the participant to understand and become involved with the necessity of such elements. 

Past experiences, current experiences, social background, responses to my everyday environment, and emotions all play a factor in my work. I have always been an active surveyor of my environment; carefully looking at the details, figuring out and learning how and why things work.  It has been my intention, through  rapid prototyping (RP)  to translate my experiences into unique objects unifying precision, force and motion.  RP has offered me the ability to use unique materials in a controlled fashion creating forms and ability for motion that otherwise could not have coexisted.

My goal is to translate the moment of realization of why there is action of a mechanism, the beauty of movement and the force behind magnetic and tension forces into a wearable object.  It is that moment of realization that is the motivation behind my work.

kelly m. uhrik