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Graduate Portfolio

August, 1996

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Artists Statement

      A passion for teaching and the endless challenges of a traditional metals studio led me to persue a masters degree in the metalsmithing field. During my time in graduate school I have been able to develop and embody new methods of creating objects. These objects serve two functions.
      They first, advance my field by reapplying technologies used by industry to produce objects. I work with CAD and CAM software on personal computers and 3-axsis CNC milling machines, as opposed to more elaborate and expensive modes of output. Working in this fashion will permit me to remain an independent artist. By having my objects machined, the final product is a finished piece, rather than a model or prototype.
      Secondly, they validate the metals field as a craft discipline. Coming from a traditional metals background, for me, it makes sense that the objects I create progress from and reflect those values.
      My work speaks to the diminishing value of the handmade object; and serves as a vehicle to lead metalsmithing into the information age.