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         Life is constantly changing and evolving around us. Change can come quickly or gradually; it may be minute or drastic. However, it is natural for all of us to crave stability and resist change. But we cannot escape from change; we must struggle to adapt to it and ultimately embrace it. The idea of change is expressed in many ways such as modification, reversal, exchange, and alteration. These are all changes that we contend with in our daily lives. Expectations are modified, roles are reversed, ideas are exchanged and plans are altered.

        Through my pieces, I want the wearer to contemplate their transforming environment and how they react to it. Thus, my pieces force the wearer to reconsider the object in relation to their surroundings because the pieces change with the will of the wearer or the dynamic of the environment. The idea is to illustrate the resilience of the human being to survive change, to be living in a state of flux that keeps folding back upon itself.

       Like the human condition, my pieces change. Some of the pieces have small changes and others have more radical changes. However, the pieces do not permanently change, they merely change with the wearer. They all move or are worn in different ways in order for the wearer to interact with the piece. The changes in the pieces symbolize “change” within the confines of the human condition.