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In the last two years my work has explored my greatest personal struggle to date. My mother has recently survived a life threatening battle with cancer. Because of the effect my motherís breast cancer had on my life it is not enough to create work just about the disease.  I need to identify and communicate the multiple layers of my emotions in order to better understand my mother, and more importantly myself.

Through the use of both two and three-dimensional media, I hope to promote diverse reactions to the work.  I concentrate on both the tangible work and the photo realistic rendering as though they are separate, distinctive entities. I strive to supply enough information through form and composition to create functional jewelry and descriptive rendering.

Today, my mother is in a state of remission. But the issues that surround this disease, its treatment, and the abusive effects it has on the body remain with me daily.  Cancer invades a person and brings with it unbalance, lack of confidence, and loss of strength. I attempt to challenge and combat these issues within my work. Some of the issues my work confronts are in direct relationship to the cycle of cancer. They include diagnosis, surgery, treatment, remission, and healing.

In using a form language that is borrowed from both the human body and the medical profession, I am able to include multi-tiered meaning.  On the most basic level, it is important for the viewer to see that I relate my work to the way it is positioned on the body. Most of my pieces are worn directly on the skin. This eliminates the barrier of clothing allowing the piece to become a part of the chest and the focal point of this region. I find the relationship between my materials and the form to be vital as the materials I use provide cartilage-like stability while still allowing for delicacy and movement.

The objects I have created supply a release, a way of coping with the things I cannot control. Because the work is jewelry, it is my desire that it can do the same for others.  Like all personal objects, associations will be made to accommodate the wearer/viewer. For some my work is a ring, a brooch, or a neckpiece. I hope for others it is a body of work that brings form and insight to an artistís experience with breast cancer.