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As jewelry is worn, personal values are assigned to the piece by the wearer. In this way, the work’s evolution does not stop after the artist completes it. I value this continued interpretation of the work as much as my original artistic vision. For me, personal and artistic growth is paramount. Individuals must constantly re-evaluate where they have been and where they are going. As an artist I seek to illustrate the value of this change by making jewelry that itself is in flux.

It is my goal to make work that the wearer may interact with and may make his or her own. My work expands into space, allowing the wearer to change its composition and orientation at will. For example, each piece in the SpiralBrace series can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or ring. I also often incorporate the themes of change and transition metaphorically in my forms, and still in other ways such as the revolving layers of Revolve/Evolve ring and in Growth ring, where the inner rings are removed as the wearer grows into adulthood. I feel this physically interactive quality helps to engage the wearer on a series of levels. Perhaps more importantly, the wearer and the work are able to change and evolve together. In this way the work does not stop evolving when it leaves my hands. Rather, it takes on a new value and meaning on the wearer, an interpretation that reflects the wearer’s interests and experiences. While I am still the primary creator of the work, layers of meaning and personal attachment are assigned as the work is handled, worn, and loved.

In order to visually represent these layers of meaning, there are often repetitive elements in my work. These layers of form remind the wearer of the various layers of themselves, and that they are a product of a culmination of their experiences. My desire to create repetition of form and at times perfect symmetry has led me to utilize the Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping medium in the creation my jewelry. I also take advantage of specific Rapid Prototyping materials, such as flexible nylon and epoxy resin, according to their unique properties to maximize the impact of the work on the wearer and strengthen the relationship that develops between the two.