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Robert Elder Marks Lloyd

Thesis Exhibition - May, 1997

Master of Fine Arts in Crafts

Metals / Jewelry / CAD-CAM Area
Crafts Department
Tyler School of Art of Temple University
Elkin's Park, Pennsylvania

> notes on navigating the [framed] gallery <

short version:

(almost) everything's a link - investigate

long version:

Use the schemata index to your right to begin viewing the stages of each piece in this window (schema >>> slides of object) or use the objects index to quickly view a small image of each object, also in this window.

At any time you can choose to view something as a full window within your browser (use the back option of your browser to return to the particular frame set you were viewing) or you may switch to the noframes index and investigate the show that way.

Each piece also has its own notes page that provides more information about the schema and the object.

There is a table of contents below for general navigation, including my statement(s) and contact and copyright information.

enjoy the show