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[night light rotation] A night light. Based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 417 symbol #5321 for low intensity lighting.

Like the second wall sconce and the first night light, this piece is built in paper via Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM). The deep cuts into the sphere, made by the IEC symbol, leave a thin shell of material to screen the bulb. There is also a gap cut into the back of the sphere above the plate surface that allows for ventilation of the lamp and for light to spill out around the ball.

The entire piece (one part) installs like a standard wall plate (switch, outlet, etc.) over a special type of modular switch / plug / pilot-light unit. The modular unit can be set up to house a mid-to-low wattage lamp (up to three of them, without any plugs or switches). The bulb projects out of the gang box into the back of the sphere (it is shown in the rotation). The LOM material would only tolerate a low wattage lamp (4-7W).

The backing plate is 15cm x 7cm x .5cm. The illuminated sphere is 6cm in diameter.