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[wall sconce (2) rotation] A wall sconce / screen. Based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 417 symbol #5012 for lighting. (The grid is not actually a part of the symbol. It is used in the catalog of the IEC symbols for reference.)

Built in paper via Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), the thin center panel is translucent while the body of the sconce takes on the appearance of wood, similar to a Japanese shoji screen. The bulb (same as used with the other wall sconce) is positioned directly behind the center panel. The egg-carton shaping of the back surface creates a radial shadow pattern on the wall behind the sconce.

The sconce, attached to the wall with four screws (The holes are in the four corner slots, shown without screws.), is 20.1cm square and 3.6cm thick.