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Robert Elder Marks Lloyd

Thesis Exhibition - May, 1997

Master of Fine Arts in Crafts

Metals / Jewelry / CAD-CAM Area

Tyler School of Art of Temple University
Elkin's Park, Pennsylvania

a diagram; a plan of action

      is a collection of objects, the designs of which are based upon schematic symbols or abstractions. Some symbols are from architectural blueprints. Some are icons determined by international standards committees. Others are abstractions of mathematical concepts. All of the schemata are generalized, 2-dimensional marks. They echo the generic fixtures that are installed by default on the walls of America.

      What follows is a presentation of my translation of these schema into specific, 3-dimensional objects for the home. Each object is presented first as the schema which inspired it. Then the 3-dimensional object is revealed in stages through different views and animations.

      I would like to thank my friends and family for their love and support and baby sitting efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

REML, Spring 1997

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Objects, images, text and html Copyright 1997 by Robert Elder Marks Lloyd, reml@voicenet.com. All rights reserved.

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