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[night light rotation] A night light/screen (A New York Night Light). Based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 417 symbol #5012 for lighting.

The screen, built in paper via Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), is mounted on a standard 4in x 4in gang box. The box is the housing for a low intensity lamp that softly illuminates the screen. The box is mounted on the wall surface (not inset) and is wired with exposed armored cable.

When the lamp is off, only the IEC symbol on the front face is visible. When the lamp is turned on, the roaches hiding on the back face creep into view. Most of us have lived someplace where we felt we weren't alone.

The screen is 13cm x 13cm x .4922cm thick (46 layers of a common LOM material). The majority of the screen is only two layers thick (.214mm).