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[door hinge / adjustable stop rotation] A door hinge with a built-in adjustable stop. Based on the architectural symbol for a simple door. RP masters cast in brass / bronze.

The center plate (the stop) is lifted, rotated into position and lowered to engage the horizontal barbed elements that lock the plate in place. It can be adjusted, in 5 degree increments, to stop the door from about 50 degrees open, up to just over 90 degrees.

Like the unadjustable stop, a central idea for this design is to distribute the force of the opening door over the whole hinge plate. This is not only stronger, but also avoids damage to the door / frame surface caused by a small, high-pressure, contact point.

14.2cm across and 12cm high, the hinge stop projects approximately 7cm from the wall (13cm total, including jamb plates).