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The aesthetic I am communicating in this body of work is very personal to me. The concepts I am dealing with come from my devotion to the Catholic faith. The faith involves three entities in one God: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These spiritual components are evident throughout this body of work.  

The flowing, linear forms I have created illustrate the idea of how a Sacrament is received by an individual. A Sacrament can be described as a mystery that is declared or expressed in a human or visible form. The Seven Sacraments all functions within a Sacramental System by which God makes contact with man, and man with God. Each piece in this series has unique forms and symbols, which are particular to the individual Sacrament.

This body of work comments on the connection that is made when a Sacrament is received.  The brooches have a female part which acts as the mechanism, receiving the male part, and is worn under the clothing. The male component is expressive, seen on the outside of the clothing fitting into the female, securing both parts onto the wearer. This connection not only makes the piece function but strengthens the idea of an individual making a connection with God.

A bond is formed when one receives a Sacrament and is then received into the Church. Receiving these Sacraments molds an individual to lead a dedicated life under this faith. This body of work is a study about my life as a Catholic and merely comments on this aspect of the faith. This body of work will continue to evolve and grow as I will, throughout my life.


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