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Jewelry has been created since mankind has existed on this planet. The function of jewelry has served mankind in many ways. It has been a classification of social hierarchy, a ceremonial object, a personal body ornament, a functional object, and an embodiment of fruitful ideas that enriches one's life. With the turning of the millennium, it is a time in which we are striving for new ventures and a better life. I have desired to create pieces that not only reflect the demands and needs of our society, but also pieces that I hope will change or impact one's everyday life.


My virtual concept pieces are an example of solutions to meet these needs.  For instance, my Voice Activated Neckpiece is designed to ease the inconveniences of everyday tasks by first recognizing the owner’s individual vocal pattern and switching on household appliances without physical interaction taking place.


To introduce such advanced notions, I decide to work in “Digital Crafts”. I have explored the new medium of CAD-CAM, (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing), and RP, (Rapid Prototyping), to create jewelry since 1997. From the beginning of my career in jewelry until now, I have benefited through the use of CAD processes to create my jewelry. Through this medium my ideas are transformed and produced in tangible form that result in a unique form of expression. For instance, when I created my Tension setting ring II, it was my desire to create tension, balance, and harmony between humanity, nature and the ring as a whole. The stone and the metal were originally created by nature, later manipulated by man, and the whole represents a positive, symbiotic relationship, in which tension and balance are the dominating forces affecting the structure of the piece. In order to accomplish my intent to produce this ring, I generated it with the help of CAD processes. This way of working allows me the needed control between the creator and the medium.


My work utilizes mechanisms that ultimately dictate the form of my work. My objects can assume various positions. Since early childhood, I have always been fascinated with moving parts in objects that can constantly change their form. In the case of my Swing Neck series, the wearer’s hands will be forced to follow the direction of the functional elements of the pieces while he tries to put them on or take them off. My motivation behind this body of work is the mechanism and function of these pieces and the interaction and dialog that exists between creator and wearer.


I have developed this way of thinking that redefines the very purpose of body ornamentation. It is my wish that these ideas cause changes in the social values of body ornamentation. I believe that my jewelry can serve not only as a body ornament but can also be beneficial to one’s future needs (i, e. the Lens Crafts Brooch that carries disposable contact lens, the Rx Brooch that carries prescription drugs and the Beacon Brooch that lights up in the dark). I am continuing along this path to develop my vision of objects that will ultimately be beneficial to mankind.


Sung H. Park, May 2000.