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As an artist, I have always appreciated the quality of drama, the practice of analysis, and value the growth and perspective that artists can bring to daily life. As a craftsperson, I appreciate the quality and utility of objects in everyday life.  Throughout my life, I have encountered and been effected by loved ones and friends that have suffered from mental health issues. 

Because these issues continue to exist, I feel compelled to make art. I attempt to promote awareness, and educate people about behavioral disorders and mental illness issues. By creating awareness and empathy for these individuals, the viewer can begin to relate to a population that somehow differs from themselves.  As the psychiatric and medical fields work hand in hand to create an understanding and a higher standard of living for theses individuals, I document and reference my experiences with these disorders.   

I am interested in creating work that will promote community awareness of mental illness and disseminate into our communities so as to promote acceptance and understanding. As goals are implemented into these individuals treatment, my work communicates: conditioning behavior problems, creating symptom awareness, expressing particular manifestations, expressing personality types, motivations, and finally to assist the individual in the construction of possible support systems.

As an artist, I record humanity through emotion, growth, spirituality and healing.  I attempt to bring these schemes together through my objects in hopes to create an awareness of mental health issues to the general public.