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The twelve-step recovery program is a concept that was created to aide alcoholics in their recovery process. By admitting to one self that they are powerless over their addictions, they can begin to rebuild. The steps necessary to recovery include: admitting there is a problem, rendering
ones self powerless, and taking the necessary steps to understand their effects on the people in their lives. For people recovering from additions, everyday clean, is a day closer to recovery. Every step achieved and every step lost, is a part of the recovery process. As the individual accomplishes a step, they move a discrete indicator such as a small sticker, forward or backward accordingly  on the inside of the bracelet .  My "12-Step Bracelet"  is meant to be worn as a "trophy" of sorts and to be utilized as a visual positive reinforcement and a gauge of ones recovery process. Enter 12-Step Bracelet CAD/CAM, Actual,  Objet Quatra, 6.5" x 7.3" x 6.6"                                                                         

 model Nick Cataldi