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Photo by Donna Sweigart 1998
Eating disorders effect millions of people each year. Unhealthy dependencies for approval, overachieving, or control can fuel these behaviors. They become apparent when the individual engages in self-destructive behaviors such as: isolation, eating disorders, overworking, and fear. Forms of fears can express themselves in feelings of inadequacy, shame or guilt. For many, it is a direct result of there environment and experiences, for others, it is a ritual they feel compelled to engage in. Abuse can play a role in an individuals personality development. It can force some individuals to create defense mechanisms/coping skills which allow them to "exercise control" in their daily lives.  Recovery for these individuals is difficult, and many times, difficult for family members to relate to. The belt is to be worn as a restrictive device for the stomach. My "Starvation Belt," is a device which references certain aspects of the disease such as: an over developed awareness of the body, the need for controlling the body, and the "comfort" of the defense mechanism that sometimes is created. Starvation Belt CAD/CAM, virtual, 12.5" x 8.2" x 8.3"