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Obsessive-Compulsive disorder begins with disturbing or involuntary thoughts or ideas that are intrusive to a person's mind such as: excessive worrying about contamination, a preoccupation with illness, or an overpowering need to do things precisely.  These can result in the common compulsions of hand washing, checking, and hoarding material items. Some obsessive-compulsive actions, such as uncontrollable counting or praying, aren't always obvious to others. Some disorders associated with OCD are: eating disorders or body dimorphic disorder, (preoccupation or exaggerated emphasis on appearance) and substance abuse. Treatment options include drug and behavioral therapy. My OCD rings were made to reference a discrete sense of control. One ring is worn on each hand. By interlocking the fingers, when needed, the magnets would attract subtly and join.  Ideally, delaying instant gratification to act upon a compulsion. OCD Rings CAD/CAM, actual, sanders wax, non-oxidizing sterling silver, gold plated rare earth magnets, 1" x .5" x 1.4".