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Photo by Jerry Bennett c.1997

Spirituality is an aspect of ones life that many find crucial to their symptom management. Hope is a large part of recovery. It can provide inner strength to manage symptoms, take risks, and allow one to look outside themselves for a greater understanding and perspective.  My Kupula Brooch is an object one would utilize to promote over well being - body mind and spirit. It can be used as a vessel to transport the essence of hope a lotus blossom, using the rays of sunlight. Worn as a broach, in a horizontal position, the wearer must take the time to bath in direct sunlight for a period of time. Then allow the water to drain into the holding tank at the base of the broach. The wearing then allows the essence to rest in place for a period of twenty minutes. The effects of the filtration of this essence, through the heart chakra, would promote positive emotions and an overall well being.  Ideally, the activity along with the object, would empower the individual to believe in a process. Kupula Brooch CAD/CAM, SLS, tangible in cornstarch, 7" x 7" x 3.5"