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Control can be an issue for many people suffering from anxiety disorders, abusive environments, personality disorders, or chemical imbalances. Many seek control as a means of coping with change, or lack of controlling their environment. For many, it becomes ritual and can consume their thoughts and invade personal relationships. As difficult as control is to harness, people can engage in ritualistic behaviors, as a means to simulate control. I have made "Control Stencils" to demonstrate the "control" in which one actually has. The stencils were modeled after the polygon mesh that was calculated and compiled to resemble "the perfect female facial structure" Placed on the face, this piece would be used to apply makeup. When utilized on different individuals, the viewer would see how the perception of perfection is unattainable through their use.
Control Stencils CAD/CAM, virtual, 6" x 3.5"x .1"