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Photo by Heather Massinger, Model Emerald Ong

Anxiety/Panic disorder affects millions of people each year. A person may experience sudden feelings of fear. Symptoms may also include: racing heart, trembling, chest pains, feeling of dying, disorientation, fear of social settings, unreasonable fear of an object or circumstance, and feelings of being trapped. The disorder can be a biological defect in the autonomic nervous system, triggered by chemical imbalances, or stressors.  Whether the origins are situational or biological, their effects can be so crippling that everyday life can be a continuous battle. Medication and therapy are options for individuals who suffer from these and related disorders.  By utilizing deep breathing techniques the user can begin de-escalating  emotional  responses. This bracelet houses a breathing device that allows air to flow in only one direction. If experiencing an anxiety attack, an individual would breath in through their nose and then, placing their mouth around the mouthpiece housed at the top of  the bracelet, would exhale through their mouth. For an individual with this disorder,  an unconscious task such as breathing emphasizes how symptoms of anxiety can change every aspect of an individuals life. By becoming aware of what is in their control, the individual can begin to manage their disorder. Anxiety Bracelet  CAD/CAM, Tangible, SLS, tangible in cornstarch,  3.5" x 5" x 3.2"