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Artist Statement


D uring my time as a graduate student at the Tyler School of Art, I have concentrated on computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) as applied to jewelry and metal. Because only this school has such a program, I made my choice to come to Tyler. CAD/CAM is a new technology and with its application to jewelry and metal, there can be much more productivity in the design and manufacture of jewelry and metal forms.

M y objective is to take advantage of this new technology and utilize it to create craft objects. At the beginning of my work with CAD/CAM, the design or form was merely an extension of my benchwork. But in order to use the computer more fully for my work in my field, I realized that I had to create an object that would truly require the full benefit and utilization of the computer's capabilities. I focused on creating series of brooches without pinbacks for CAM. I tried to create an object incorporating in its design only machine-related ideas. In developing my object, I designed and created a surface for my brooches where the design suggests that a road was carved out by a machine tool.

W ith the development and improvement of computer technology and the usage of this technology, we can design and create, more quickly, things that, before, we could only imagine. The realization of the importance of computers and their relation to design already exists in my hometown, the Republic of Korea since there are several CAD courses now available through different colleges and Universities. After my return to Korea, I would like to introduce not only those unqiue facets of CAD that I have learned here but, in addition, CAM and RP which are new techniques applied to crafts that I am grateful to have learned from the Jewelry/Metal area at Tyler. I hope to teach students that they can be active in crafts production after their formal coursework is over thanks to the CAD/CAM/RP processes.

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