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Kaori Kawase


I can be an entertainer through my work.

The work, which is about entertainment and playfulness, is a reflection of my desires
as an artist. In other words, I prefer creating jewelry and objects that are accessible
and attractive rather than intimidating and impractical in our daily life. The relationship, which occurs between the audiences and me, resembles a connection between a child and a toy. The toy attracts a child by its appearance, concept, and function, not its philosophy.

I believe the many audiences are not concerned with the theory behind the piece exposed by an artist. The users, including myself, simply expect to be influenced by its fascinating ideas and designs. So, I would say: "Why not enjoy it?" No one can doubt that my work is about "fun". I am interested in their responses and reactions toward my piece. They are always important to complete my project.

Either on the personal level or the public level, the plastic jewelry series functions
to stimulate a wearer’s curiosity in terms of its robotic design, color, and concept.
The Interchangeable Pivot Bracelet series, for example, is about playful participation:

"Press and slide out the top element with your thumb. Pick and lift up the knob to unlock, and pivot to open the hinged part 90 degrees. Put your wrist into the cradle and slide the top element into place"

The wearers simply enjoy the interaction with the object. The plastic jewelry can be a
precious and important essence because it has a power to amuse them everyday.

Spotlight: More Space on a Hand series opened an opportunity to introduce the
possibilities of incorporating the entire hand. I mean to transcend a circular ring that
sits on a finger. On a hand, as a stage, the new adornment, which is exposed to a
spotlight, performs and attracts not only a wearer but also its surroundings.

The introduction of Computer Aided Design has helped me to be more creative and to convey my ideas into forms. I believe that quantity production does not detract from their originality and content. The experience of sharing my sensibility with peers will lead to the development of my new career, which cannot be confined to one particular title. Therefore, I have chosen to define myself metaphorically through my objects that are entertaining and interactive. My work is directed to both the individual and the larger society.

Kaori Kawase's Resume

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