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               I remember that during my childhood my grandparents used to take my brothers and me hiking in the countryside. During those visits, they encouraged me to show great respect and love for nature and for the environment in which we live. Those early experiences with nature had a great influence on me as a person and on my work as an artist.

                 The tragic incident of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers on September 11th, 2001 brought an enormous shock and instability to all humankind.  From this tragedy, I saw the violence and brutality of human nature and its capabilities of creating massive calamities and bring great suffering to human lives.  Furthermore, nature itself is also threatened by nuclear and biological warfare, which raises fundamental questions about the security of our future.

                  The focus of my work is on the stability of the wearer.  My jewelry is for wearing. However, it can become uncomfortable, depending on the carelessness of the wearer or the wearer’s sense of balance. An example of this application is my “Gooze Bracelet”.  This bracelet, filled with Gooze (a slippery, translucent, gel like polymer, composed mainly of water); this makes pressure on the wearers arm by weight transfer.  The wearer must maintain a steady balance, otherwise the Gooze will lean towards the side where it is inclined, pressuring the body and causing discomfort.

                  As nature and humanity is greatly disturbed by a horrific act of terrorism that resulted in calamity, so are my works. They must be worn properly and maintained in balance; otherwise they could generate unpleasant feelings of pressure and imbalance.